Which great strikers have Messi surpassed to set the new records?

Messi has surpassed many great strikers in the world of football to set memorable scoring records for himself.


Messi has caught up with Pele in terms of scoring records for a club. Both have 643 goals, but Messi will quickly get ahead while still playing. Before that, Barca’s striker also overcame many other great strikers to break a series of impressive scoring records.

Paulino Alcantara

The late Paulino Alcantara has scored 369 goals for Barca. On March 15, 2014, Messi has reached 371 goals for Barca in official and friendly matches. This achievement helped him surpass the old record of the late Paulino Alcantara, which existed for more than 80 years.

The Philippines-born player scored 369 goals for Barca in the early 20th century, including 142 goals in official matches and 227 in friendly matches.

Telmo Zarra

Telmo Zarra once held the scoring record in La Liga with 253 goals. On November 22, 2014, Messi scored a hat-trick against Sevilla to reach 253 goals in La Liga and surpass Telmo Zarra’s old record of 252 goals. Currently, Messi has increased his scoring record in La Liga to 450, far ahead of second-place Cristiano Ronaldo with 311 goals.

Cesar Rodriguez

Messi has far exceeded Cesar’s record in the Barca shirt. A hat-trick against Sevilla also helped Messi overcome senior Cesar Rodriguez on the scoring record in official matches for Barca. At the age of 24, Messi has 234 goals for Barca and 2 more goals than Cesar’s old record. Now, the Argentine striker’s achievement has increased to 643 goals.

Gerd Muller

Messi broke Gerd Muller’s 1-year scoring record. In 2012, Messi set a record of 91 goals in a calendar year, including 79 goals in Barca shirt and 12 in Argentina. Messi’s record far surpasses Gerd Muller’s record in 1972 at 85 goals.

Alfredo di Stefano

Messi surpassed the scoring records of Di Stefano and Maradona. He became the Argentine player to score the most in history when he surpassed the 514 goals of late Alfredo di Stefano in 2016. He set a proud milestone of 515 goals at the age of 29 and outstripped many other famous Argentine strikers such as Carlos Bianchi (434), Gabriel Batistuta (356), or Diego Maradona (354).

Messi surpassed the scoring records of Di Stefano and Maradona

Gabriel Batistuta

Messi surpassed Batistuta to keep the scoring record for Argentina. He rises to the top of Argentina’s history scoring list after surpassing former player Gabriel Batistuta’s performance (54 goals) at Copa America 2016. Currently, the 33-year-old striker has 71 goals for the team. recruitment.