The reason Pep did not keep Eto’o stayed at Barca

Eto’o did not really accept the leadership role of Messi. That forced Guardiola to come to a decision for the balance of the team.

Guardiola is weak and admits he has had a lot of trouble handling things like that. The admiration that Guardiola has for Pulga as well as his determination to build the team in the direction of serving him.

Guardiola is pleased to see Messi and he has the same vision of football. Because of that, his belief in the Argentine was strengthened even more. Pep Guardiola’s players often say good words about their coach.

Eto’o, Ibrahimović and Bojan all left Barcelona in an unhappy mood. All three of them played the same place at the club and all three ended up leaving because, indirectly or directly, Messi.

After Pep almost publicly sold Eto’o at the first press conference, the striker turned into another person. He worked hard, showing an unbelievably cheerful, amiable, and humble way. As a result, he has earned the respect of the dressing room and that of Guardiola.

Over time, Samuel returned to the image of an indomitable lion, a player who always played with the desire to win the title. On the pitch, he pushed the players in a very positive way, and even, as in the match against Atlético de Madrid at Camp Nou.

But that positive version of the Cameroonian player did not last forever. Maybe during training sessions or many matches, Eto’o is the one who inspires his teammates. In a match where Barcelona used this tactic, Samuel was pulled out in the middle.

That made Guardiola decide once again for the balance of the team, it was better to sell him. An incident that happened during a training session in early 2009 confirmed Pep’s premonition right. Another incident that happened later made Pep’s decision to sell Eto’o irreversible.