The history of the Euro 2020 European football championship

The Euro 2020 European Football Championship will begin its upcoming competition to find the best teams to continue to play in the next round. Let’s learn about the history of the Euro 2020 European football championship.

How many years is the European Euro Football Championship held?

This is probably the question that many football fans are concerned about today. The European Football Championship, also known as the Euro, is a tournament held every 4 years. This tournament is attended by football teams from many European countries.

UEFA European Football Federation is the organization that organizes this tournament. The Euro 2020 season has begun to kick off with the participation of 24 soccer teams.

Euro football championship

The idea of ​​establishing the tournament was raised by the General Secretary of the French Football Federation FFF – Mr. Henri Delauney and received the response of many other countries in Europe.

Accordingly, the first European Championship football tournament was held in France in 1960. Up to now, the national team of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Spanish team have won the championship. Most enemies with all 3 times. Currently, defending Euro champion is Portugal.

Euro tournament history

The Euro Championship was founded in 1960, and has been operating for more than 50 years and has hosted 15 leagues, not counting the 2020 season. This tournament will be held each year in a different country, all rules are passed by the European Football Federation and require the teams to apply.

Each season is held in a different European country. The first season was held in 1960, in France with the Soviet champion after winning the final 2 – 1 against Yugoslavia. The tournament is organized in the form of a knockout competition and involves 17 football teams.

Euro football championship

Since the 1980 season, the European Football Confederation has decided to change the rules when the final round will be expanded to include eight teams participating in the championship. Including 7 excellent teams overcome other teams and 1 team is the defending champion last season.

2016 season was held in France, this is the 3rd time this tournament is held here. The tournament features 24 football teams. From this tournament there will be an additional 16 teams. In this tournament, the Portuguese team won the championship after defeating the hosts France 1 – 0.

Above is the history of the European championship football tournament, called Euro for short. This tournament has always received a lot of fan expectations from around the world.