Man City still participates in the European Cup

According to the recent UEFA penalty, Man City will be banned from the European Cup in the next two seasons. However, things can change after the pandemic Covid-19, as the Financial Justice Act is about to be suspended.

Most leagues, teams around the world are seriously affected. Not only is the matter of delaying the match schedule, even postponed indefinitely, but the economic ability is also reduced to an alarming level.

For example, MU is the team that realized the heavy consequences of Covid-19 more than any other team. Just over a month ago, they were valued at £ 3 billion on the stock market.

But since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the stock price of the Old Trafford team has dropped to just over £ 9.92 per share. It was compared with £ 16.53 per share at the beginning of the year. Thus, the pandemic has caused MU to lose 1 billion pounds on the exchange.

The same is true for Juventus. The Italian stock market plunged, leading to a sharp drop in shares of Juventus. Just after the first two days of the week, when the Covid-19 translation broke out in Italy, his shares fell 11.74 percent. This reduced the value of Juve to 179.5 million euros, from 1.55 billion euros to 1.338 billion euros.

In the gloomy financial context that can last until the end of 2020, teams will be in a very difficult situation. They not only have to reduce salaries, bonuses, and cut revenues and expenditures.

But they also run the risk of falling into debt due to a sharp decline in revenue. And now is the football world really needs the investment cash flow of wealthy owners.

Therefore, the source of The Times revealed that the European Football Federation intends to suspend the effect of the Financial Fairness Act. In fact, UEFA is also desperate for the money of billionaires to reactivate a frozen football in Europe.