The new energy of European football

Diego Simeone won the Europa League at the age of 42. Roberto Di Matteo is facing the opportunity to win the Champions League. And before that, he also helped Chelsea win the FA Cup, when only 41 years old. Juergen Klopp, who recently won the Silver Disc with Dortmund.

He was only 44 years old, and in Italy, Antonio Conte also helped Juventus win the Scudetto, at the age of 42. Europe is under the heels of the young generals.

Are the days of the old coaches over? Coach Marcelo Bielsa, 56, is considered to be one of the most tactically knowledgeable leaders. He lost his admiration in the battle with Simeone.

Di Matteo’s Chelsea beat Liverpool by 61-year-old manager Kenny Dalglish, a big red jersey legend, in the FA Cup final. Silver disc for the second time in a row belongs to Dortmund. And despite more limited resources, Mr. Klopp has defeated the current oldest ruler in the Bundesliga.

The race in the Premier League, arguably the most exciting tournament on the planet right now. He is also giving self-determination to Manchester City by Roberto Mancini. He left Barcelona this season, but the team considered the best in the world still accepted the hand over Tito Vilanova.

The knowledge and experience of the older coaches have not been able to help them before the current wave of rejuvenation on the steering bench. Several years ago, Pep even drove all night to Bielsa’s house just to “invite” him to the fundamentals of “philosophy of football”.

In the Premier League, coach Alex Ferguson is still excelling at his experience. But the breakthroughs of the season really belonged to Mr Mancini’s expensive Manchester City.

He included both very important victories against the red shirt from the same city. One of the reasons why Bayern played badly in the second leg of the Bundesliga was coach Jupp Heynckes.

Euro 2020 continues to retain its name though held in the Summer of 2021

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has decided to postpone the European Championship to move to Summer 2021 due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The name of this tournament later became a topic of discussion. With the revised organizational schedule, many people wonder if the tournament should be renamed “Euro 2021”. However, after a recent meeting, UEFA confirmed that it will retain its original name.

Due to Euro 2020 postponed to 2021, they had some meetings to discuss with partners. And the UEFA Executive Committee decides the tournament will continue to be officially named UEFA Euro 2020.

Serbia - Bồ Đào Nha (Vòng loại Euro 2020, 01h45 ngay 8/9/2019 ...

This will help UEFA continue to maintain the meaning of the tournament. It was originally organized with a vision for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the development of the European Cup (1960-2020).

This is also a way for them to emphasize that football has overcome the rigors of the COVID-19 epidemic across Europe and the world. And they also want to recall a challenging 2020 year.

In addition, many brand products have been produced by the time the decision to postpone the award was made. Therefore, changing the name also means the cancellation of these products.

In addition, UEFA also said it is finding the best solution for solving the remainder of the 2019/2020 season. They aim to create the premise to organize the season 2020/2021 completely.

LỊCH PHÁT SÓNG BÓNG ĐÁ NGÀY 08/09/2019: Ronaldo ra sân

Previously, many thought that moving the date to the next summer made the name Euro 2020 become no longer appropriate. However, UEFA does not want to break the routine of organizing a tournament once every four years in even years and thus the original name will remain.

In addition, UEFA also decided to postpone the time for the women’s EURO 2021 final to 2022. They do so to avoid coinciding with the men’s tournament. Euro 2020 will take place from June 21 to July 11, 2021. And they will still keep the organization in 12 cities across the old continent.

The history of the Euro 2020 European football championship

The Euro 2020 European Football Championship will begin its upcoming competition to find the best teams to continue to play in the next round. Let’s learn about the history of the Euro 2020 European football championship.

How many years is the European Euro Football Championship held?

This is probably the question that many football fans are concerned about today. The European Football Championship, also known as the Euro, is a tournament held every 4 years. This tournament is attended by football teams from many European countries.

UEFA European Football Federation is the organization that organizes this tournament. The Euro 2020 season has begun to kick off with the participation of 24 soccer teams.

Euro football championship

The idea of ​​establishing the tournament was raised by the General Secretary of the French Football Federation FFF – Mr. Henri Delauney and received the response of many other countries in Europe.

Accordingly, the first European Championship football tournament was held in France in 1960. Up to now, the national team of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Spanish team have won the championship. Most enemies with all 3 times. Currently, defending Euro champion is Portugal.

Euro tournament history

The Euro Championship was founded in 1960, and has been operating for more than 50 years and has hosted 15 leagues, not counting the 2020 season. This tournament will be held each year in a different country, all rules are passed by the European Football Federation and require the teams to apply.

Each season is held in a different European country. The first season was held in 1960, in France with the Soviet champion after winning the final 2 – 1 against Yugoslavia. The tournament is organized in the form of a knockout competition and involves 17 football teams.

Euro football championship

Since the 1980 season, the European Football Confederation has decided to change the rules when the final round will be expanded to include eight teams participating in the championship. Including 7 excellent teams overcome other teams and 1 team is the defending champion last season.

2016 season was held in France, this is the 3rd time this tournament is held here. The tournament features 24 football teams. From this tournament there will be an additional 16 teams. In this tournament, the Portuguese team won the championship after defeating the hosts France 1 – 0.

Above is the history of the European championship football tournament, called Euro for short. This tournament has always received a lot of fan expectations from around the world.