The reason Benzema told his teammates not to pass to Vinicius

Benzema does not have the right to replace coach Zinedine Zidane to instruct players how to play. However, when watching Vinicius continuously perform disappointing football in the context of Real at a disadvantage. The French striker was forced to speak.

Those statistics do not please the fans. Vinicius played too poorly and did not make any mark on Real Madrid’s attacking front. Watching Vinicius continuously handle the failure, Benzema could no longer keep his composure. Real’s No 9 asked Ferland Mendy not to pass the ball to Vinicius Jr in a 2-2 draw with Monchengladbach in the Champions League.

He hopes his colleague will pass the ball to him more, instead of regularly coordinating with Vinicius, who plays with Mendy. After the break, Sports Mail statistics Vinicius also received 3 passes from Mendy.

Before that, in the super classic match, Mendy had 18 passes for Vinicius. Meeting Monchengladbach, the French defender continued to make 13 passes towards his young teammate.

Vinicius is also backed by Benzema. Clash with Barca, the 32-year-old striker has 13 passes for the younger brother. To the match against Monchengladbach, Benzema only sent the ball to the position of the Brazilian goalscorer 5 times.

These numbers point to a major rift between Benzema and Vinicius. The former Lyon star seems to lose the trust of the young Real star.

From the match against Barca to Monchengladbach, Vinicius was disappointed. He missed many opportunities and wasted the effort that his teammates created.

Midfielder Federico Valverde bold breakthrough on the right wing and passed Vinicius inside the penalty area. The 20-year-old Brazilian striker finished the artist, but it was a bad handling phase.

The ball flew over the bar, and at the same time kicked Real’s chance to score. That treatment is not conclusive enough for anything. If he did not pass the wrong address, this player made a very unreasonable decision.

After the incident above, Real began to reveal a major weakness. They have plenty of staff to serve public goods, but lack quality. With Vinicius, he is placed in a professional environment and surrounded by big names. The Brazilian striker can absolutely learn many things from his teammates.

Real needs quality cards who can open the door to lead the home team to victory. That’s what the French striker wanted to convey to Vinicius.

Talking about Serie A and Scudetto

Surfing through the newspaper, we often see the phrase Seria A. For football fans, this is a very familiar tournament. The following article will introduce you to the basic content of this tournament.

Seria A is the national football championship of Italy. This is a tournament that brings together the most talented and famous players of Italian football and surrounding countries.

Serie A sẽ đá play-off nếu Covid-19 bùng phát trở lại -

There are 20 teams participating in this tournament, among which are not only the most famous clubs in Italy. But that’s also the world as AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Rome, Juventus, … These teams is loved by global fans and also a team that is very interested and loved by fans around the world.

However, now the Seria A tournament is less attractive than before because the dominance of other tournaments is much larger. On the other hand the gathering of world stars staged less than the other top tournaments.

The champions of Serie A will win the Scudetto. Scudetto is derived from the word Scudo means a shield. This shield has 3 colors of the Italian flag with 3 colors being blue – white – red. The reward for the Serie A champion is a small shield of 8cm length.

Italy chuẩn bị phương án đá play-off ở Serie A - VnExpress Thể thao

This shield will be worn on the left chest along with the championship trophy. In addition, the Scudetto is often attached to the position where the hearts of the best players in Serie A.

With such a fascinating appeal, it is easy to understand when all the talented players at that time came to Italy. In the summer of 1992, the foreign stars arrived in Serie A.

In the summer of 1992, the magical Euro EURO championship with Denmark left Bayern Munich to move to Fiorentina. The 1991/92 season team just ranked 12th in Serie A. Effenberg had just had two consecutive seasons in the Bundeslig boom.

Mbappe received the Ligue 1 Top Scorer season 2019/20

The organizing committee decided to award the title of the scorer of the recently ended season to striker Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe’s 18 goals in Ligue 1 season 2019/20

Mbappe and Wissam Ben Yedder, Monaco striker, led the race with 18 goals. But the organizers decided to award the title to the star of PSG based on the goal scored from less than 11m. Mbappe’s 18 goals are all produced by “live ball” situations, while Ben Yedder has three goals thanks to penalties.

Mbappe continues to harvest titles on the path of glory

Mbappe’s performance is also more convincing when assessing the number of visits: just 20 games to score 18 goals, while the direct competitor needs 25 games.

The third player in the race, Lyon’s Moussa Dembele scored 16 goals. This is the second consecutive time that Mbappe has won the Ligue 1 Top Scorer title.

Due to Covid-19, Ligue 1 season 2019-2020 must end 10 rounds early. Organizing committee awarded the championship to PSG, the team was 12 points higher than the second team.

This is PSG’s ninth championship, and the seventh championship in their last eight seasons. Including the title won with Monaco in the 2016-2017 season, Mbappe owns four consecutive championships.

Mbappe wants to share the Top Scorer with his colleagues

Kylian Mbappe wants Ben Yedder, the Monaco player to have the same number of goals and sub-goals, to own the title of Ligue 1 top scorer. Mbappe and Ben Yedder led the race before the tournament stopped early

Ben Yedder, Monaco striker, has the same 18 goals in 28 Ligue 1 rounds as Mbappe. He only finished second in the top scorer race due to the Organizing Committee’s calculation: the player scored less goals from the spot than 11m above. Mbappe has not scored from the 11m mark, while Ben Yedder has three.

Due to Covid-19, Ligue 1 must end early 10 rounds. The organizers decided to award the championship to PSG, a team 12 points ahead of Marseille, and the top scorer for Mbappe.

Last season, the Premier League had three players scoring 22 goals including Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Aubameyang. The organizers awarded the titles to all three players, instead of distinguishing by sub-indices like Ligue 1 this season.

Ben Yedder and Mbappe are teammates in France. Ben Yedder scored 171 goals in 366 club-level matches and two in eight games for the team.

EURO 2020 is postponed due to COVID-19 (Part 2)

The Serie A organizing committee earlier announced that they would postpone the tournament until April 3. And if as; This situation lasted, the football house bookmaker commented that the likelihood that the tournament could be postponed is longer.

Situation on La Liga tournament

Situation La Liga tournament has also announced to delay the tournament at least 2 rounds to wait for expression. The decision was made when Real Madrid announced; All football players of this team must be isolated. Are known; Real Madrid football club, basketball and handball teams are all gathered at the Valdebebas (Madrid) training area.

Therefore; after a Covid-10 positive basketball player test, all employees, athletes; players are ordered to isolate themselves at home. And require the players to adhere to strict quarantine regulations.

The optimal solution

Given the current situation, it is likely that UEFA will offer a solution to postpone the Champions League and Europa League, moving EURO 2020 to 2021. This will help the league in England, Italy or many other countries in Europe. could finish the season in the summer.

This is the best solution for the parties. If; With the start of the EURO 2020 as scheduled, there will be no time for the Football Association members to make up for the compensatory schedule when the club’s season is delayed.

When Italy decides to completely sports activities in this country until in April, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) offered three scenarios for this year’s Serie A season, including not awarding the championship; and meet privately with clubs as well as UEFA for European cup qualification, award titles based on current rankings; and finally play-off kicks to win the championship and relegation when things go down.

Daily Mail stated that the above mentioned solutions of FIGC are unfair to the teams; and ineffective. Leaving the season to a stop is the best way to ensure everything is safe. Tournaments will continue until summer; when the situation calmed down.