The reason Pep did not keep Eto’o stayed at Barca

Eto’o did not really accept the leadership role of Messi. That forced Guardiola to come to a decision for the balance of the team.

Guardiola is weak and admits he has had a lot of trouble handling things like that. The admiration that Guardiola has for Pulga as well as his determination to build the team in the direction of serving him.

Guardiola is pleased to see Messi and he has the same vision of football. Because of that, his belief in the Argentine was strengthened even more. Pep Guardiola’s players often say good words about their coach.

Eto’o, Ibrahimović and Bojan all left Barcelona in an unhappy mood. All three of them played the same place at the club and all three ended up leaving because, indirectly or directly, Messi.

After Pep almost publicly sold Eto’o at the first press conference, the striker turned into another person. He worked hard, showing an unbelievably cheerful, amiable, and humble way. As a result, he has earned the respect of the dressing room and that of Guardiola.

Over time, Samuel returned to the image of an indomitable lion, a player who always played with the desire to win the title. On the pitch, he pushed the players in a very positive way, and even, as in the match against Atlético de Madrid at Camp Nou.

But that positive version of the Cameroonian player did not last forever. Maybe during training sessions or many matches, Eto’o is the one who inspires his teammates. In a match where Barcelona used this tactic, Samuel was pulled out in the middle.

That made Guardiola decide once again for the balance of the team, it was better to sell him. An incident that happened during a training session in early 2009 confirmed Pep’s premonition right. Another incident that happened later made Pep’s decision to sell Eto’o irreversible.

Man United’s victory and Cavani’s public opinion

Against Southampton, Man United continued to prove they were the team that deserved the most love thanks to the goals at the end of the match. Man United has always made its fans excited by the comeback in football.

Though Southampton had an impressive streak with Ward-Prowse inspiration. The quality of their players is also not comparable to Man United. And in the position of an underdogs, having a 2-goal lead in the first half made the Southampton players unconscious after being equalized.

Regret because 2 points lost made them choose to play too openly before the opponent got inspired. Therefore, failure is of course when Southampton players want to go up to find goals while Man United starts to be more alert.

If coach Ralph Hasenhuttl is sober enough to be satisfied with a point and asks his team to play tighter, maybe he will reach his goal. Of course, in football, everyone wants to win.

However, because of the ambition to earn 3 points, Southampton had to pay the price. They are too high but not qualified enough to escape the opponent’s blockade and lose more ball.

Man Utd’s victory came from their own intolerance. In the long run, Southampton’s approach is too dumb. And if we look at the Chelsea game – Tottenham then, we will understand more and more what foolishness is.

Cavani deserves to be the best player in the match even though he only entered the field at the beginning of the second half. One assist, two shots of chances to score enough to show that he is the most comprehensive and classy striker of Man Utd today.

It was thanks to Cavani’s assists that Bruno Fernandes’s match was redeemed. If not, Fernandes really had an average match. Cavani shines in front of Southampton, because he’s too talented, too experienced, too brave.

However, part of us also need to admit that when Cavani exploded, the players of Southampton were also physically exhausted. It was because Southampton was exhausted, a 33-year-old old general like Cavani was able to do so.

Man City still participates in the European Cup

According to the recent UEFA penalty, Man City will be banned from the European Cup in the next two seasons. However, things can change after the pandemic Covid-19, as the Financial Justice Act is about to be suspended.

Most leagues, teams around the world are seriously affected. Not only is the matter of delaying the match schedule, even postponed indefinitely, but the economic ability is also reduced to an alarming level.

For example, MU is the team that realized the heavy consequences of Covid-19 more than any other team. Just over a month ago, they were valued at £ 3 billion on the stock market.

But since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the stock price of the Old Trafford team has dropped to just over £ 9.92 per share. It was compared with £ 16.53 per share at the beginning of the year. Thus, the pandemic has caused MU to lose 1 billion pounds on the exchange.

The same is true for Juventus. The Italian stock market plunged, leading to a sharp drop in shares of Juventus. Just after the first two days of the week, when the Covid-19 translation broke out in Italy, his shares fell 11.74 percent. This reduced the value of Juve to 179.5 million euros, from 1.55 billion euros to 1.338 billion euros.

In the gloomy financial context that can last until the end of 2020, teams will be in a very difficult situation. They not only have to reduce salaries, bonuses, and cut revenues and expenditures.

But they also run the risk of falling into debt due to a sharp decline in revenue. And now is the football world really needs the investment cash flow of wealthy owners.

Therefore, the source of The Times revealed that the European Football Federation intends to suspend the effect of the Financial Fairness Act. In fact, UEFA is also desperate for the money of billionaires to reactivate a frozen football in Europe.

Sevilla won the Europa League for the 6th time

Sevilla won the 2019-2020 Europa League convincingly after making a breathtaking comeback to win Inter Milan 3-2 in the final in Cologne, Germany.

The first meeting in the European arena between Sevilla and Inter Milan

Inter reached the final of the 10th biggest tournament in Europe and the first since the 2010 Champions League final when they won 2-0 against Bayern Munich.

Only Liverpool (6 times in the period 1973-1984) and Real Madrid (9 times since 1985) have won the most consecutive games each time they reach the final of a top European tournament, more than Sevilla (5 times).

The final match of Europa League season 2019-2020 between Sevilla vs Inter Milan took place at Rhein Energie Stadium, TP. Cologne, Germany

Inter has won all 5 matches in the Europa League this season and is aiming to win 6 consecutive games in Europe’s top league for the second time (the first time from December 2009 to April 2010).

Sevilla has never lost a knockout match in UEFA Cup / Europa League history (won 6, drew 2, of which 2 wins on penalty shootout).

Antonio Conte and Julen Lopetegui both reach the first major European final in their coaching career for the first time. They are 2 out of 6 coaches who have led at least 10 matches in the Europa League with a win rate of 70% or more.

Both Sevilla and Inter Milan had an unbelievable first half chasing a suffocating score in the first few minutes with the opener Romelu Lukaku for the Italian team in the 5th minute. But also Lukaku scored the decisive goal. of the match in the 74th minute, unfortunately, it was an own goal to help Sevilla win 3-2 and crowned.

The Europa League final took place with an attacking spirit right after the opening whistle of referee Danny Makkelie, from the Netherlands, when Sevilla soon swelled to hope to impose the posture against Inter.

MU is unexpectedly the best finishing team in Europe

The statistics show that Manchester United is the sharpest finishing team in Europe at the moment. Manchester United have just experienced a 0-2 defeat at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Figures from the Football Observatory show that MU has the highest percentage of shots on goal in the top 5 European leagues. Specifically, up to 48.6 percent of the shots of Man United hit the finish line.

Man City thoát án của UEFA, mua luôn 5 SAO giá 200 triệu bảng

This figure is even better than the attack of Barcelona with 48.3 percent. 2 goals from Xhaka and Aubameyang made MU fall to 5th place in the Premier League rankings. However, according to newly released statistics, Man United is suddenly the team with the best finishing ability in Europe.

The percentage of shots on goal of Man City, the leading team in the Premier League, is only 12th with 42.7 percent. Meanwhile, Liverpool ranked fifth with 45.6 percent. The team beat MU in the match in round 30 Premier League, Arsenal ranked in 20th place with 42.1 percent.

However, this ratio also points to a problem in the scoring phase of Man United. They have many finishes but the danger to create a goal is not high. It is also considered one of the reasons why they lost to Arsenal despite the many opportunities.

Man United will have a relatively important match against Wolves this weekend in the FA Cup quarter-finals. The president of Spain’s highest division gives the most fierce criticism to Man City and PSG. Those are the two teams that he thinks are putting the football industry at risk by their huge spending power and methods.

Thống kê Man City 5-0 Newcastle: Etihad thiêu cháy Chích chòe

In addition, Javier Tebas also criticized five big English teams for being dishonest in this regard. They did not explicitly assert their views on the Super League.

According to Tebas, if the Super League tournament is put into official competition, it will ruin domestic football. Because then the big teams will put all their energy into this tournament, while using Team B for domestic matches.

Liverpool will undoubtedly be awarded the Premier League trophy

Before the Premier League was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe, Liverpool was leading the rankings. They are 25 points ahead of second place team Man City. The Red Brigade only needs to gain an additional 6 points to win the championship regardless of the result of the opponent behind.

“If the tournament can continue, it is almost certain that Liverpool will win the championship. Currently they are only 2 wins away from the championship. In case the tournament is canceled, we still have a way to determine the winning team, “Daily Mail quoted Ceferin president.

Cựu cầu thủ Liverpool ủng hộ hủy kết quả Ngoại hạng Anh ...

“Liverpool could be awarded the trophy in a stadium without an audience, or even in the organizers’ office. I know. This will make the fans feel disappointed. Liverpool will be awarded trophy at any cost. “

UEFA announced that all football activities in Europe organized by the agency will be postponed indefinitely.

The Belgian league was the first to be officially canceled for the Covid-19 epidemic. The championship is given to the team currently at the top of the table, Club Brugge. However, the Premier League teams still want to continue playing. They expect the tournament to end in mid-summer this year.

Thống kê kinh hoàng về Liverpool sau trận thua Atletico ở ...

Joining the meeting with Shaw is Chelsea star Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Both Premier League stars were laughing when some fans commented that Shaw wanted to cancel the season to Liverpool.

Shaw’s speech then received many compliments from the MU fan community. “As a MU player, you must learn to hate Liverpool,” said a MU supporter named Felix.

After losing 0-3 to Barca at the Camp Nou, Liverpool destroyed the opponent when returning to Anfield. Without the service of Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, Divock Origi and Gini Wijnaldum shone with 2 brace. Besides, the clever corner kick of Trent Alexander-Arnold becomes the symbol. Liverpool then won the championship by beating Tottenham 2-0 in the final.

EURO 2020 is postponed due to COVID-19 (Part 1)

What are the consequences of EURO 2020 being postponed?

Before the complicated changes of the COVID-19 epidemic, the UEFA also had to complete all continental tournaments like the Europa League, the Champions League and a series of other tournaments for young people.

Not only that; according to experts, it is fun88 casino house deal; most likely the most awaited football festival of the year is EURO 2020; also facing the risk of not being able to happen as expected.

If EURO does not take place in June 2020 as expected, UEFA will have to suffer a lot of losses due to the constraints of sponsorship contracts, images, etc. UEFA intends to ask the teams. ; as well as member unions compensate £ 275 million for their losses.

This is probably not very happy news for members of UEFA. The influence of COVID-19 on the tournament is still in the future. While; The current epidemic has devastating consequences for all club-level leagues across Europe.

European football situation in COVID-19 epidemic

On the side of football clubs, most of them want to finish the tournament they are attending after this delay. High possibility; If the tournaments are postponed then the performance of the players will be somewhat reduced.

The decisions to cancel or stop playing are fully supported by the public as well as the athletes. However; Those are also very difficult decisions for managers. And besides health, there are economic concerns.

Situation on the Serie A tournament

Serie A has had two cases of infection, Juventus midfielder Daniele Rugani and Sampdoria striker Manolo Gabbiadini. And then the Bundesliga 2 tournament received two infections; defenders Timo Hubers and Jannes Horn, both from Hannover 96. As for the Premier League; they also noted the case of Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta; and Chelsea midfielder Callum Hudson-Odoi with signs of COVID-19.

And among those who come into contact with Arteta can be more than 100; and are in isolation, including many football players and celebrities. Before; then Leicester City club they have also confirmed that many players are quarantined themselves because of signs of infection.