Many football clubs announced the lists of players participating in the Champions League

Man City

Coach Pep Guardiola has officially announced the list of Manchester City players who will attend the UEFA Champions League this season.

After a break to make room for an international series, Man City will enter the stressful period of the season when they have to fight in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League arena. However, with a powerful force, Man City does not need to worry too much about the upcoming schedule.

Man City does not need to worry too much about the upcoming schedule

Man City will start the UEFA Champions League campaign this season with the match against Porto at dawn on October 22. Therefore, Man City had to send the list of players participating in the tournament to UEFA right now.

As a rule, each club must submit a List A consisting of a maximum of 25 players with a minimum of 8 locally trained players, of which at least 4 players must go through the ranks of the academy’s team.

Also, there is List B, which includes players aged 21 and under who trained for 2 years at the club. This list can be updated at any time, as long as 1 day before UEFA Champions League matches take place.


Liverpool has just announced a list of 24 players that will attend the Champions League this season. In which, the player who does not have a clear future at Anfield, Xherdan Shaqiri, is also present. The Red Brigade will advance to the Champions League this year with two new names Thiago Alcantara and Diogo Jota.

Liverpool has just announced a list of 24 players that will attend the Champions League

Besides, coach Jurgen Klopp will also be adding players from list B (players born on/after January 1, 1998, and playing for the club for 2 consecutive years since his 15th birthday, players 16 years old can also participate if he has been registered two years earlier), which means he can add young stars like Curtis Jones, Neco Williams, and Rhys Williams.

In this year’s group stage, the Red Brigade will meet Atalanta, Ajax Amsterdam, and Midtjylland. In addition to the least famous Midtjylland, all 3 remaining teams stand out with their attacking playstyle, promising to bring exciting matches.

Man City still participates in the European Cup

According to the recent UEFA penalty, Man City will be banned from the European Cup in the next two seasons. However, things can change after the pandemic Covid-19, as the Financial Justice Act is about to be suspended.

Most leagues, teams around the world are seriously affected. Not only is the matter of delaying the match schedule, even postponed indefinitely, but the economic ability is also reduced to an alarming level.

For example, MU is the team that realized the heavy consequences of Covid-19 more than any other team. Just over a month ago, they were valued at £ 3 billion on the stock market.

But since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the stock price of the Old Trafford team has dropped to just over £ 9.92 per share. It was compared with £ 16.53 per share at the beginning of the year. Thus, the pandemic has caused MU to lose 1 billion pounds on the exchange.

The same is true for Juventus. The Italian stock market plunged, leading to a sharp drop in shares of Juventus. Just after the first two days of the week, when the Covid-19 translation broke out in Italy, his shares fell 11.74 percent. This reduced the value of Juve to 179.5 million euros, from 1.55 billion euros to 1.338 billion euros.

In the gloomy financial context that can last until the end of 2020, teams will be in a very difficult situation. They not only have to reduce salaries, bonuses, and cut revenues and expenditures.

But they also run the risk of falling into debt due to a sharp decline in revenue. And now is the football world really needs the investment cash flow of wealthy owners.

Therefore, the source of The Times revealed that the European Football Federation intends to suspend the effect of the Financial Fairness Act. In fact, UEFA is also desperate for the money of billionaires to reactivate a frozen football in Europe.

Winning the Super Cup, Bayern Munich set an unprecedented record

Bayern Munich set an impressive record after winning the European Super Cup.

The style of Bayern Munich

In the European Super Cup match just ended, Bayern Munich met many difficulties when Sevilla opened the score early in the 13th minute. final with the score 2-1.

The two players competing for Bayern Munich in this match are Leon Goretzka and Javi Martinez. Thus, Bayern Munich has become the absolute European champion. The win over Sevilla also helped them extend their unbeaten streak in all competitions to 32 matches.

Bayern Munich set an unprecedented record

Bayern Munich set an unprecedented record

The last time the strongest team in Germany had to experience defeat was the beginning of December last year with the defeat of M’gladbach in the Bundesliga framework. Not stopping here, Bayern Munich also had a series of 23 consecutive wins in official matches in all competitions.

After Bayern Munich’s winning, Muller carved his name into history

It is also the record of consecutive wins that a team in Europe’s top 5 leagues has been set. Previously, this record belonged to Real Madrid in 2014 with 22 consecutive wins under the guidance of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Meanwhile, Thomas Muller is now only a cup away from becoming the German player to win the most trophies of all time. Muller has owned 26 titles, on par with former teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Bayern Munich has just experienced a difficult match against Sevilla in the European Super Cup match. They were kicked by the Spanish team first. The attempt to help the Bavarian giant level off with Leon Goretzka’s goal. In extra time 1, Javi Martinez’s header helped Die Roten win the European Super Cup.

After Bayern Munich’s winning, Muller carved his name into history

Thus, this is the fourth title of Bayern with coach Hansi Flick. The Allianz Arena team is showing high performance at the moment. And with the trophy this morning, a Bayern player made a name in history.

Accordingly, Thomas Muller won the 26th title at the club level. That feat puts Muller on par with his former teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger and becomes the German player with the most trophies at club level. In the context of Bayern playing sublimation, the German striker has the opportunity to surpass the former Manchester United player.

Serie A season 2020-2021 will be a great challenge for Pirlo

With wet feet to power at Juventus and not having much experience, Andrea Pirlo is expected to face many difficulties in Serie A in the 2020-21 season.

In the 2020-2021 season, Juventus has made a big change on the coaching bench. Instead of continuing to trust coach Maurizio Sarri, the Turin giant decided to put his faith in Andrea Pirlo. This is considered a bold and risky decision because Pirlo has never had any experience in coaching.

Even a few days before the opening round of Serie A 2020-2021, Andrea Pirlo received a training license. That is a great challenge because between the idea and reality are two completely different things. A good player does not necessarily turn into a talented coach.

Pirlo in the first season to lead Juventus

Talking about his ideas, Pirlo confirmed that he would choose to play attacking in the style of imposing and controlling the ball. The role of the Juventus midfield becomes very important. However, last season, this was the weakness of the champions of Serie A.

But that was too little for Juventus to create a breakthrough in gameplay. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made Lao She unable to spend heavily to reinforce her forces. In the remainder of the summer market this year, the Serie A champions may only welcome one more striker to replace Higuain, who recently moved to the US to wear Inter Miami.

Pirlo is expected to have many difficulties in the first season to lead Juventus

Juventus has had 9 consecutive seasons of dominating the Serie A championship race. Andrea Pirlo’s minimum mission is to win the 10th Scudetto title. It is also the pressure placed on the shoulders of the former Italian midfielder.

Inter Milan is the biggest challenger to Juventus in the Scudetto race

In fact, in recent seasons, Juventus has not won the Scudetto as easily as before. They faced strong resistance from many competitors. Without saying that, in Serie A last season, Juventus was crowned, but only 1 point more than Inter Milan. This is the biggest challenge for Pirlo teachers and students this season.

In preparation for the toppling of the Juventus throne, Inter Milan had a significant addition of force with Achraf Hakimi (Real Madrid), Aleksandar Kolarov (Roma). Also, the Nerazzurri also bought off Alexis Sanchez. Most importantly, Coach Conte has kept top stars like Lukaku or Lautaro Martinez.

When will UEFA Nations League 2020/21 start?

UEFA Nations League 2020/21 is the second season the tournament is held. In the first place (season 2018/19), Portugal won the championship after beating Netherlands 1-0 in the final.

The UEFA Nations League 2020/21 officially kicked off on September 3, 2020. The opening match of the UEFA Nations League 2020/21 is the match between Latvia and Andorra at 23:00 on March 9. The tournament is scheduled to end on March 29, 2022.

UEFA Nations League 2020/21 brings together 55 participating teams. These 55 teams are divided into 4 League: League A, League B, League C, and League D.

League A consists of 16 teams and is divided into 4 groups including A1, A2, A3, and A4. League B also includes 16 teams, divided into 4 groups including B1, B2, B3, and B4. The same goes for League C. League D only consists of 7 teams and is divided into 2 groups: D1 and D2. Group D1 has 4 teams and group D2 has 3 teams.

League A, League B, and League C groups play in a round-robin format of 2 innings. League B’s best performing team in each group will qualify for League A next season. League B’s worst-performing team in each group will have to go down to play in League C next season.

When will UEFA Nations League 2020/21 start?

For League C, the teams with the best results in each group will be promoted to League B next season. The teams with the worst results in each group will have to participate in the Play-out round. The team that fails in the Play-out will have to go down to play in League D next season.

For League D, the teams with the best performance in each group will qualify to play in League C the following season. As for League D, there is no relegation team.

For League A, the teams with the best results in each group will reach the final UEFA Nations League 2020/21. The teams with the worst results will have to go down to play in League B next season.

The UEFA Nations League Finals include the Semi-Finals and the Finals. The final round took place in March 2020 in a one-turn knockout format. Two winning teams in the semi-finals will reach the final. The team that wins the final match will win the championship.

Sevilla won the Europa League for the 6th time

Sevilla won the 2019-2020 Europa League convincingly after making a breathtaking comeback to win Inter Milan 3-2 in the final in Cologne, Germany.

The first meeting in the European arena between Sevilla and Inter Milan

Inter reached the final of the 10th biggest tournament in Europe and the first since the 2010 Champions League final when they won 2-0 against Bayern Munich.

Only Liverpool (6 times in the period 1973-1984) and Real Madrid (9 times since 1985) have won the most consecutive games each time they reach the final of a top European tournament, more than Sevilla (5 times).

The final match of Europa League season 2019-2020 between Sevilla vs Inter Milan took place at Rhein Energie Stadium, TP. Cologne, Germany

Inter has won all 5 matches in the Europa League this season and is aiming to win 6 consecutive games in Europe’s top league for the second time (the first time from December 2009 to April 2010).

Sevilla has never lost a knockout match in UEFA Cup / Europa League history (won 6, drew 2, of which 2 wins on penalty shootout).

Antonio Conte and Julen Lopetegui both reach the first major European final in their coaching career for the first time. They are 2 out of 6 coaches who have led at least 10 matches in the Europa League with a win rate of 70% or more.

Both Sevilla and Inter Milan had an unbelievable first half chasing a suffocating score in the first few minutes with the opener Romelu Lukaku for the Italian team in the 5th minute. But also Lukaku scored the decisive goal. of the match in the 74th minute, unfortunately, it was an own goal to help Sevilla win 3-2 and crowned.

The Europa League final took place with an attacking spirit right after the opening whistle of referee Danny Makkelie, from the Netherlands, when Sevilla soon swelled to hope to impose the posture against Inter.

The new energy of European football

Diego Simeone won the Europa League at the age of 42. Roberto Di Matteo is facing the opportunity to win the Champions League. And before that, he also helped Chelsea win the FA Cup, when only 41 years old. Juergen Klopp, who recently won the Silver Disc with Dortmund.

He was only 44 years old, and in Italy, Antonio Conte also helped Juventus win the Scudetto, at the age of 42. Europe is under the heels of the young generals.

Are the days of the old coaches over? Coach Marcelo Bielsa, 56, is considered to be one of the most tactically knowledgeable leaders. He lost his admiration in the battle with Simeone.

Di Matteo’s Chelsea beat Liverpool by 61-year-old manager Kenny Dalglish, a big red jersey legend, in the FA Cup final. Silver disc for the second time in a row belongs to Dortmund. And despite more limited resources, Mr. Klopp has defeated the current oldest ruler in the Bundesliga.

The race in the Premier League, arguably the most exciting tournament on the planet right now. He is also giving self-determination to Manchester City by Roberto Mancini. He left Barcelona this season, but the team considered the best in the world still accepted the hand over Tito Vilanova.

The knowledge and experience of the older coaches have not been able to help them before the current wave of rejuvenation on the steering bench. Several years ago, Pep even drove all night to Bielsa’s house just to “invite” him to the fundamentals of “philosophy of football”.

In the Premier League, coach Alex Ferguson is still excelling at his experience. But the breakthroughs of the season really belonged to Mr Mancini’s expensive Manchester City.

He included both very important victories against the red shirt from the same city. One of the reasons why Bayern played badly in the second leg of the Bundesliga was coach Jupp Heynckes.

Messi had to take a season off to leave Barca for free

After Man City was not interested in spending money to buy Lionel Messi, Barca captain’s door to leave Camp Nou was significantly narrowed.

The source of ESPN said that the only way for Lionel Messi to legally transfer from Barca in the summer of 2020 is to commit not to play football for any team during the 2020-2021 season.

Do everything to leave Barca, but Messi is gradually at a disadvantage

According to legal experts, the unilateral contract termination clause that Messi mentioned in the fax sent to Barca on August 25 can be understood in many ways. If the two parties do not negotiate and find a common voice, they can only use legal arbitration in court.

Last weekend, La Liga representatives said that they had approached the contract signed between Messi and Barca in 2017. La Liga leaders confirmed that the contract break fee worth $ 830 million (equivalent to 700 million euros) is still valid.

At the same time, he emphasized that he will not issue a transfer permit to Messi if the fee is not paid in full, or the owner of the Camp Nou has not agreed to let the captain leave.

Being the one who actively suggested to leave, but Messi was gradually in a weak position. In addition to being stripped of his privileges by Barca and not giving in to the transfer issue, the 33-year-old striker was also turned around by Man City.

Previously, Messi have just invited Neymar to move to Man City in the summer of 2020. However, due to financial pressure, Guardiola’s team was only able to pick him up for free, instead of activating a financial package totaling $ 300 million.

According to arguments from Barca and La Liga, Messi is still on the payroll of the Catalonia team, instead of a free player as he thought. Failure to test for coronavirus and the scheduled assembly on August 31 could cost the Argentine superstar a fine of more than a million dollars.

Messi and the legal team are still trying to find a way to leave Barca, based on the term of being free to leave the club at the end of each season. But Barca said this term expired in June 2020.

Parallel to the request for an extension, Barca made more tough moves. The Catalonia team is composing a letter to reply to Messi’s fax and announced that he did not attend the training trip before the 2020-2021 season. They also asked Messi to review the offer to leave Barca or continue to contribute to the team.

Messi invited Neymar to move to Man City in the summer of 2020

Lionel Messi is said to have called to invite former teammate Neymar to move to Man City in the summer of 2020.

The information was revealed by Jorge Nicola, reporter watching the Brazilian region of sports television channel ESPN, revealed on August 26th, 2020.

Messi and Neymar played successfully at Barca before the Brazilian moved to PSG in the summer of 2017 for a record of $ 263 million. A new life in Paris is sometimes not favorable, so Neymar has repeatedly expressed that he wants to return to Barca.

Messi is always excited about the opportunity to reunite, but the financial burden makes Barca’s leadership unable to meet. This is believed to be one of the reasons why Messi is dissatisfied with President Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Messi once again expressed his desire to work with Neymar again

Currently, Neymar has two years of contract with PSG. The 28-year-old striker has also just had a successful season with his home team reaching the Champions League final and winning three domestic titles. Therefore, Neymar is not sure to change the club at this time.

PSG has also repeatedly stated that Neymar is not for sale. Therefore, Man City can only achieve the goal if it spends a large amount of money to break the contract. But this possibility is unlikely after they were “touched” by UEFA for violating the Financial Fairness Act in February.

Currently, Messi still holds the point of leaving Barca. He is said to have called his former teacher Pep Guardiola to discuss his move to Man City.

Financial risks for Man City if Messi is recruited

According to Mundo Deportivo (Spain), the Financial Justice Law can be a big obstacle to Man City if it intends to buy Lionel Messi.

Under the Financial Fairness Act (FFP) established by UEFA in 2011, clubs must not spend more than they earn. This is to control financial losses, salaries, and transfer costs, while also limiting the imbalances between clubs.

With clubs participating in the Champions League and Europa League, the Association of European Football Clubs (ECA) applies a ceiling of $ 118 million in deficit in a transfer window, in addition to the regulation that no more than $ 53 million in losses in three years. main closest. Each team’s balance sheet must be checked by UEFA’s Financial Checking Committee. Bank debts and player wages are closely monitored by UEFA.

Real player received 4 Cups with just 10 matches

Alvaro Odriozola, a full-back on Real’s payroll but on loan to Bayern, has won four titles since early 2020.

Odriozola won four titles in the 2019-2020 season

Growing up from the Real Sociedad furnace and joining Real summer 2018, Odriozola was a potential defender of Spanish football. He reached the 2017 European U21 final with Spain and was called up to the team since 2017 when Julen Lopetegui as a coach.

Odriozola made 22 appearances in the first season of 2018-2019 with Real. But into the second season, things went wrong for the 1995 defender from a red card in a defeat to Real Mallorca in October 2019. After this match, Odriozola was forgotten by Zinedine Zidane, although it cost Real a transfer fee of 35 million USD.

The last time Odriozola played for Real was a 3-1 victory over Brugge in the last round of the Champions League group stage. In the previous five games in the Champions League, the 24-year-old defender made only one appearance on the bench and four games unregistered. The match against Brugge was the Spanish defender’s fifth match since the beginning of the season.

In an attempt to save his career, Odriozola accepted a move to Bayern Munich on a half-year loan agreement. However, his playing time has not improved with just five times on the pitch, with three replacements.

Alvaro Odriozola qualifies for the medal with four games in La Liga

With four games in La Liga for Real, he qualifies for the medal. The same thing happened at Bayern. Odriozola has been on the medallist in both domestic competitions, although only on the pitch three times in the Bundesliga and one at the DFB Pokal (National Cup).

Last Saturday, Odriozola replaced Joshua Kimmich in about 20 minutes of the second round of the return leg against Chelsea in the Champions League and provided Robert Lewandowski with a 4-1 victory. Bayern reached the quarterfinals, and if they won the title in Lisbon, Odriozola would have won the treble.

In total, after 10 appearances for the 2019-2020 season, Odriozola received four titles: a La Liga, a Bundesliga, a DFB Pokal, and a Spanish Super Cup – where he did not play but was registered by coach Zidane. On average, Odriozola won a title after 153 minutes of play.

Full of title, but Odriozola’s future is blurred. Bayern did not intend to extend the loan agreement of the Basque defender, and Real also had Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, and Nacho playing the right-back.