MU defeated Everton to enter the semi-finals of the League Cup

Edinson Cavani scored the opener in MU’s 2-0 win over Everton in the quarterfinals of the League Cup on December 24.

Man Utd faced many difficulties with the defensive play of Everton and had to wait until the 88th minute to celebrate the goal. Edinson Cavani proves valuable with a high-level goal. The ball from the former PSG star’s foot swung into the far corner, making the Olsen goalkeeper effortless to fly into meaningless.

Victory over Everton helped MU win tickets to the semi-finals of the League Cup for the second time in a row. Coach Solskjaer owns a 100% away win rate in the League Cup arena. The Norwegian army has 2 wins with Cardiff, 4 wins with Man Utd.

Two of Cavani’s four goals for MU this season have been scored against Everton

Man Utd launched a lineup of many reserve players, but still created an overwhelming stance against Everton. The homeowner constantly deployed the ball on the right-wing, where Greenwood appeared.

Pogba was MU’s best player in the first half

Pogba plays in the central midfield position but is often raised to join the attack. The French midfielder has many improvised handling phases that make the home team defenders confused. Pogba soon created a delicious opportunity in the 8th minute, after a subtle heel kick. However, Van de Beek was unable to score.

In the first 20 minutes, the full initiative belonged to Man Utd. Coach Solskjaer’s army made a few touches to break through Everton’s defense. Cavani had 2 chances, but he was slower than goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

Everton played underperformance and had to wait until 22 minutes to have the first chance. Sigurdsson passed the ball through 3 redshirt players, but could not pass the last stop in front of the MU goal, midfielder Harry Maguire. The host’s playstyle does not have much change, in the absence of James Rodriguez.

Pogba was MU’s best player in the first half

In the first half, the fans at Goodison Park also witnessed the good performance of the goalkeeper on both sides. Dean Henderson has 3 saves, while his colleague Olsen has also completed the task, with 4 situations to deny the visitors’ goal.

The reason Pep did not keep Eto’o stayed at Barca

Eto’o did not really accept the leadership role of Messi. That forced Guardiola to come to a decision for the balance of the team.

Guardiola is weak and admits he has had a lot of trouble handling things like that. The admiration that Guardiola has for Pulga as well as his determination to build the team in the direction of serving him.

Guardiola is pleased to see Messi and he has the same vision of football. Because of that, his belief in the Argentine was strengthened even more. Pep Guardiola’s players often say good words about their coach.

Eto’o, Ibrahimović and Bojan all left Barcelona in an unhappy mood. All three of them played the same place at the club and all three ended up leaving because, indirectly or directly, Messi.

After Pep almost publicly sold Eto’o at the first press conference, the striker turned into another person. He worked hard, showing an unbelievably cheerful, amiable, and humble way. As a result, he has earned the respect of the dressing room and that of Guardiola.

Over time, Samuel returned to the image of an indomitable lion, a player who always played with the desire to win the title. On the pitch, he pushed the players in a very positive way, and even, as in the match against Atlético de Madrid at Camp Nou.

But that positive version of the Cameroonian player did not last forever. Maybe during training sessions or many matches, Eto’o is the one who inspires his teammates. In a match where Barcelona used this tactic, Samuel was pulled out in the middle.

That made Guardiola decide once again for the balance of the team, it was better to sell him. An incident that happened during a training session in early 2009 confirmed Pep’s premonition right. Another incident that happened later made Pep’s decision to sell Eto’o irreversible.

Arsenal interrupted the draw and lost the series in the Premier League

Arsenal fans have little reason to be optimistic when the Gunners welcome Chelsea in the 15th round of the Premier League. The home team has experienced 8 consecutive victories, including up to 6 defeats, in the domestic arena.

Chelsea dominated in the first half of the first half. They held the ball more and Mason Mount startled the home fans with a free-kick hit the post. However, the negligible intimidation of the visitors mainly came from personal efforts.

In the opposite direction, Arsenal tried to tap into two sides and one of such situations led to the opening goal for the Gunners. Kieran Tierney was fouled in the penalty area and Alexandre Lacazette did not miss a chance to score from the penalty spot.

Chelsea is deadlocked against Arsenal

Chelsea tried to push up the squad to put pressure. However, the visitors’ public goods are not effective against the tight defense of the opponent. Chelsea’s biggest hope is that Timo Werner continues to disappoint with the 10th consecutive game without scoring.

Deadlock in creating opportunities to find goals, Chelsea received more goals in an unexpected scenario. The arsenal attack is not good, but the Emirates Stadium team has amazing moments.

Arsenal interrupted the draw and lost the series in the Premier League

Granit Xhaka temporarily dismissed his criticism with a super free-kick just before the first half ended. Not long after the break, it was Bukayo Saka’s turn to make the visitors with a beautiful shot that forced the Chelsea goalkeeper to watch the ball into the net.

Chelsea’s effort to help them shorten the score thanks to Tammy Abraham. The visitors attacked at the last minute, but the hope of teachers and coach Frank Lampard’s points dissolved in smoke when Jorginho missed the penalty in the 90th minute.

Winning 3-1 at home, Arsenal ended the full draw and lost, but did not significantly improve their position on the rankings. The Gunners temporarily rise to 14th but will return to their old place if Leeds United wins in this round. Meanwhile, this defeat puts Chelsea in danger of losing sixth place after round 15.

Which great strikers have Messi surpassed to set the new records?

Messi has surpassed many great strikers in the world of football to set memorable scoring records for himself.


Messi has caught up with Pele in terms of scoring records for a club. Both have 643 goals, but Messi will quickly get ahead while still playing. Before that, Barca’s striker also overcame many other great strikers to break a series of impressive scoring records.

Paulino Alcantara

The late Paulino Alcantara has scored 369 goals for Barca. On March 15, 2014, Messi has reached 371 goals for Barca in official and friendly matches. This achievement helped him surpass the old record of the late Paulino Alcantara, which existed for more than 80 years.

The Philippines-born player scored 369 goals for Barca in the early 20th century, including 142 goals in official matches and 227 in friendly matches.

Telmo Zarra

Telmo Zarra once held the scoring record in La Liga with 253 goals. On November 22, 2014, Messi scored a hat-trick against Sevilla to reach 253 goals in La Liga and surpass Telmo Zarra’s old record of 252 goals. Currently, Messi has increased his scoring record in La Liga to 450, far ahead of second-place Cristiano Ronaldo with 311 goals.

Cesar Rodriguez

Messi has far exceeded Cesar’s record in the Barca shirt. A hat-trick against Sevilla also helped Messi overcome senior Cesar Rodriguez on the scoring record in official matches for Barca. At the age of 24, Messi has 234 goals for Barca and 2 more goals than Cesar’s old record. Now, the Argentine striker’s achievement has increased to 643 goals.

Gerd Muller

Messi broke Gerd Muller’s 1-year scoring record. In 2012, Messi set a record of 91 goals in a calendar year, including 79 goals in Barca shirt and 12 in Argentina. Messi’s record far surpasses Gerd Muller’s record in 1972 at 85 goals.

Alfredo di Stefano

Messi surpassed the scoring records of Di Stefano and Maradona. He became the Argentine player to score the most in history when he surpassed the 514 goals of late Alfredo di Stefano in 2016. He set a proud milestone of 515 goals at the age of 29 and outstripped many other famous Argentine strikers such as Carlos Bianchi (434), Gabriel Batistuta (356), or Diego Maradona (354).

Messi surpassed the scoring records of Di Stefano and Maradona

Gabriel Batistuta

Messi surpassed Batistuta to keep the scoring record for Argentina. He rises to the top of Argentina’s history scoring list after surpassing former player Gabriel Batistuta’s performance (54 goals) at Copa America 2016. Currently, the 33-year-old striker has 71 goals for the team. recruitment.

Barca with terrible statistics after 10 rounds in La Liga

Barca is experiencing a bad start to the season in La Liga, but the statistics show the terrible level of Koeman’s teachers and students.

With Saturday’s defeat to Cadiz (1-2), Koeman’s Barcelona had their worst start in La Liga since a 3-point win in the 1995/96 season. Never after the first 10 rounds, Barca had such poor results with 4 wins, 2 draws, and 4 defeats, reaching a total of 14 points.

Contrary to this disappointing start to the domestic league – 12 points behind Atletico Madrid – Barca are very successful in the Champions League, where they are the only team to have won 5 rounds.

Barca lost 4 matches after 10 rounds in La Liga

Barca’s journey in La Liga is very erratic. The defeat of Cadiz erased the mark of the jubilant performance they created against Osasuna with 4 goals. Or as after winning 5-2 Real Betis, Messi and his teammates lost to Atletico Madrid.

Barca’s worst start since 1987/88 season

If we switch to the 3-point scoring system for a win, we have to go back to the 1987/88 season to see a worse start for Barca. In that campaign, they only won 13 points after 10 rounds of 4 wins, 1 draw, and 5 losses.

This year’s season is very different from that year. Koeman’s position was not threatened in any case, at least until June 30, 2021, mainly because the club’s board did not have the authority to make such big decisions as firing the coach.

Messi is only a double away from Pele’s record

Messi is only a double away from Pele’s record at club level and the match against Cadiz will be an opportunity for Barca striker to set a new milestone. The goal against Osasuna in La Liga last week gave Messi 641 goals in 16 years with Barca’s first team. This goal left Messi only a double behind Pele’s scoring record.

Currently, Pele holds the record for most goals scored for a club. The former Brazilian has scored 643 goals for Santos in his 18 years with the club.

However, Messi’s achievement is still more appreciated than Pele. The reason is that Messi has played with Barca in prestigious tournaments like the Champions League or La Liga. Meanwhile, Pele only joined Santos in the Sao Paulo State Championship, the Brazilian Championship, or the South American Club Championship.

The situation of Group D in the Champions League has become unpredictable

Real Madrid’s defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk has made the situation of Group D unpredictable.

Before the fifth match, many people believed that Real Madrid would enter the round of 16 because they had 7 points and only 1 point behind Borussia Monchengladbach’s top. Meanwhile, Shakhtar Donetsk’s chances of going on even though they only have 4 points. Inter Milan only has 2 points and must expect a miracle.

Finally, a miracle appeared for the Nerazzurri. In Germany, his teachers and students Antonio Conte defeated Borussia Monchengladbach 3-2 thanks to the goals of two former Manchester United stars Matteo Darmian and Romelu Lukaku. In the match that took place at the same time, Real Madrid suddenly received a 0-2 defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk at Olimpiysky Stadium.

Real Madrid was disappointed by Shakhtar Donetsk

Currently, Borussia Monchengladbach still has 8 points. Shakhtar Donetsk is second with 1 point less. Real Madrid also has 7 points but must be ranked third due to poor performance against confrontation. Finally, hope to return to Inter Milan because they are only 3 points behind the top of the table.

Real Madrid was disappointed by Shakhtar Donetsk

Inter won the match, Conte and Lukaku shared a statement

What could happen in the last game? If they both receive defeat at home, Real Madrid and Inter Milan will lead each other to leave the game. Then, Los Blancos will have the first appearance in the Europa League in history. So, if he wants to determine his own fate, Mr. Zinedine Zidane’s teachers and students must win against Borussia Monchengladbach.

In the event of a draw in Spain, Real Madrid will have to wait for Inter Milan to beat Shakhtar Donetsk. At that time, Los Blancos will be 1 point ahead of the representative of Ukraine and pass the group stage.

Meanwhile, with Inter Milan, if they want to continue, they must defeat Shakhtar Donetsk at Giuseppe Meazza, and wish Real Madrid to do the same against Borussia Monchengladbach.

At that time, Real Madrid will lead with 10 points, Inter Milan will have the same 8 points as representatives of the Bundesliga, but ranked above due to the performance against each other. If the Nerazzurri win and the remaining match is a draw, they will still be eliminated by their inferior performance against Real Madrid.

Man United’s victory and Cavani’s public opinion

Against Southampton, Man United continued to prove they were the team that deserved the most love thanks to the goals at the end of the match. Man United has always made its fans excited by the comeback in football.

Though Southampton had an impressive streak with Ward-Prowse inspiration. The quality of their players is also not comparable to Man United. And in the position of an underdogs, having a 2-goal lead in the first half made the Southampton players unconscious after being equalized.

Regret because 2 points lost made them choose to play too openly before the opponent got inspired. Therefore, failure is of course when Southampton players want to go up to find goals while Man United starts to be more alert.

If coach Ralph Hasenhuttl is sober enough to be satisfied with a point and asks his team to play tighter, maybe he will reach his goal. Of course, in football, everyone wants to win.

However, because of the ambition to earn 3 points, Southampton had to pay the price. They are too high but not qualified enough to escape the opponent’s blockade and lose more ball.

Man Utd’s victory came from their own intolerance. In the long run, Southampton’s approach is too dumb. And if we look at the Chelsea game – Tottenham then, we will understand more and more what foolishness is.

Cavani deserves to be the best player in the match even though he only entered the field at the beginning of the second half. One assist, two shots of chances to score enough to show that he is the most comprehensive and classy striker of Man Utd today.

It was thanks to Cavani’s assists that Bruno Fernandes’s match was redeemed. If not, Fernandes really had an average match. Cavani shines in front of Southampton, because he’s too talented, too experienced, too brave.

However, part of us also need to admit that when Cavani exploded, the players of Southampton were also physically exhausted. It was because Southampton was exhausted, a 33-year-old old general like Cavani was able to do so.

Barca has the youngest squad in the Champions League after 9 years

Barca launched the youngest squad in the Champions League after 9 years but still won Dynamo Kyiv to win tickets.

Barca’s meeting with Dynamo Kiev after winning 3 previous matches has helped coach Ronald Koeman for many pillars to rest. This means they use the youngest squad in the Champions League since 2011 when they met BATE Borisov in the group stage (23 years and 93 days).

Barca’s squad under Pep Guardiola at the time included Pinto; Montoya, Bartra, Fontas, Maxwell; Jonathan Dos Santos, Thiago, Sergi Roberto; Cuenca, Rafinha, and Pedro.

Now, 11 starting players from the Catalan team include Ter Stegen; Dest, Mingueza, Lenglet, Junior; Pjanic, Alena; Trincao, Coutinho, Pedri and Braithwaite have an average age of 24 years and 206 days.

The squad could have been younger if 17-year-old striker Ansu Fati was not injured. Meanwhile, Messi has been released, while Pique, Busquets, Sergi Roberto are injured.

Among the match’s novelty, the highlight was the presence of a player from the youth team – Oscar Mingueza. The 19-year-old midfielder from the Barca B team played very personality, taking advantage of the absence of Pique and Araujo to make an impressive debut.

Barca only launched the B team, but still won

Notably, Matheus Fernandes (22) finally made his debut as a Barcelona player. The Brazilian midfielder entered the field in the 72nd minute for Pedri and switched to interception position.

Besides, Konrad de la Fuente (age 19) has played in the first team after arriving at the club in 2014 at the age of 12. For his part, Riqui Puig made his Champions League debut at the age of 21.

Barca made a surprise decision for Messi in the match against Dynamo Kiev

Barca coach Koeman made a surprise decision for Lionel Messi against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Barcelona announced the squad for their match against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League group stage, most notably the absence of Leo Messi and Frenkie de Jong. Coach Ronald Koeman decided to give Messi and De Jong rest, alongside injured players such as Pique, Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Umtiti, Araujo, and Ansu Fati.

Both Messi and De Jong were allowed to rest

Given this situation, Barca’s starting line-up could be attributed to Ter Stegen; Dest, Mingueza, Lenglet, Alba; Pjanic, Alena; Dembele, Coutinho, Pedri; Griezmann.

The England squad is more valuable than France and Spain in the Nations League

England did not reach the Nations League semi-finals but led the way in terms of squad value, more than France, Spain, or Portugal. The England team, after losing to Belgium, was eliminated from the race to the Nations League semi-finals.

However, according to Transfermarkt, the squad value of the “Three Lions” is up to 1.26 billion pounds, more than anyone else. France ranked second with 932 million pounds, 328 million less than the army of coach Gareth Southgate.

Sterling is England’s most valuable player

He ranks first thanks to his expensive star. They have 3 players worth 100 million pounds or more in the squad including Raheem Sterling (115 million), Harry Kane (108 million), and Jadon Sancho (105 million), not to mention Trent Alexander-Arnold right behind with 99 million.

Sterling is England’s most valuable player

The value of the French team is high thanks to Kylian Mbappe – the current highest valued player in the world with £ 162 million.

The most valuable Nations League teams

It should be noted that France has up to 8 players worth 50 million pounds or more. In this respect, the UK has only 6, but Germany is leading with 7 stars, typically Serge Gnabry with 81 million.

Spain ranked third when valued at £ 758 million, led by young talent Ansu Fati with 72 million. Fourth is Portugal (686 million pounds), in which Joao Felix has the highest value, not Cristiano Ronaldo.

The most valuable young talent Ansu Fati Spain

While Germany (£ 664 million) ranked 5th, Belgium with many stars came in 6th, although Kevin De Bruyne was priced at 108 million. In seventh place is Italy with 591 million pounds, led by Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Verratti (both 54 million).

There has been a huge drop for the Netherlands as the squad is valued at just £ 422 million with Virgil van Dijk highest at 72 million.

Barca has had many unprecedented injuries after a decade

Barca is suffering from unprecedented injuries in the past decade, which partly affect the results on the pitch.

The fact that Busquets sprained his knee and had to take a three-week hiatus from the game left nine Barca players injured in the early part of this season. This is the highest number since the 2009/10 season after 10 official matches.

Ansu Fati, Alba, Araujo, Braithwaite, Busquets, Coutinho, and Junior took turns having to retire in the first 10 official matches of the season.

Ansu Fati was seriously injured

Besides, Ter Stegen underwent surgery before starting the campaign, Matheus could not start with new coach Koeman and Umtiti sidelined from last season. Barca’s most worrying injury was Ansu Fati with a torn inner meniscus and 4 months off. The young player’s long-term identity makes the club inevitably have to buy more strikers in January.

Ansu Fati was seriously injured

Wing-back Jordi Alba suffered a right thigh hamstring injury resulting in two missed matches against Gretafe and Ferencvaros. Another football star, Coutinho, suffered a left thigh injury that left him absent from Juventus, Alavés, Dinamo, and Betis.

Former Barca director revealed the reason why the club did not buy Neymar

Former Director Javier Bordas revealed that Barca could not buy Neymar from PSG during the transfer window last summer for a very rare reason.

Neymar once asked to leave PSG to return to Barca in the summer of 2019 and even quit training to put pressure. But in the end, the deal broke down at the last minute and Neymar is still with PSG today. The reason for this failure was revealed by former Barca’s legal director, Javier Bordas, in an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo.

Mr. Bordas asserted that Barca was very serious to buy Neymar in the summer of 2019. As evidenced by the legal director of Bordas and CEO Oscar Grau and sporting director Eric Abidal went to Paris to negotiate with PSG.

The reason Neymar left Barca

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Bordas also confirmed that Neymar made a mistake when demanding to leave in 2017 and then wanted to return after only 2 years of adventure at PSG. Mr. Bordas also admitted that he knew the real reason why Neymar was determined to leave Barca, but it was better than the Brazilian striker explained himself.